Regulatory reporting has become a huge preoccupation for Capital Markets organisations, not least since the 2017 changes to FINRA TRACE requirements. These now encompass US Treasuries trades globally, with extremely low tolerance of inaccuracies. Generating robust, timely reporting and matching has become a costly, resource-hungry process which ultimately leads to disciplinary actions against market participants for violations.

Reg Flex from Inforalgo directly addresses this need – automating high quality, accurate reporting in real time that fits a market participant’s specific trading scenario. This provides a significant advantage over typical ‘black box’ style, ‘fire and forget’ generic solutions, allowing market participants to take back control of their regulatory reporting activities.

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Moving from TRAQS to Automation

FINRA members currently reporting via the TRAQS website can achieve significant time and efficiency gains by automating the delivery of trading activity data. This is now a must have for all those trading TRACE-eligible securities that have a 15-minute reporting window. Even for those granted longer reporting times, there are significant benefits from having real-time access to data at all stages of the TRACE acknowledgement and acceptance process.

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Moving from CTCI to FIX

FINRA members currently reporting to TRACE and ORF via the CTCI protocol will have to migrate to using FIX by February 3rd 2020 if they want to continue to enjoy the benefits of automated transaction reporting. For those without FIX expertise, dedicated connectivity and FIX technology, this might seem like a daunting task.

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Moving from existing FIX automation to Inforalgo RegSTP

If you already report using FIX or CTCI but are struggling to maintain enough oversight over the process to ensure compliance or efficiency is maximised, Inforalgo can help you visualise, analyse and provide a greater level of control.

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Benefits at a glance:

Cloud-based for rapid, easy deployment and continuous updates

A single, adaptable solution which we are configuring for deployment for multiple regulatory reporting regimes worldwide

Caters for any combination of trading venues and data feeds, with rapid switch on

Powerful ready-to-go capabilities that can be customised quickly and effortlessly to reflect your own trading environment with relevant eligibility reporting rules

Inforalgo Consolidated Audit Trail

Inforalgo Awarded Authorised CAT Reporting Agent and Connectivity Hub Status

In a timely move for broker-dealers and trading firms dealing in US equity and options, Capital Markets data automation specialist Inforalgo has been named an authorised Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) reporting agent and connectivity hub (Service Bureau). The company, which provides RegFlex™, a consolidated, automated online reporting hub spanning multiple trading platforms and regulatory requirements,...
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Jefferies selects Inforalgo’s Regulatory Reporting Hub for self-service control and automation of FINRA TRACE reporting

Inforalgo’s Regulatory Reporting Hub, a cloud-based data automation platform, will give compliance teams smart, low-touch control over reporting under FINRA Rule 6730 – Transaction Reporting Inforalgo, the Capital Markets data automation specialist, has today announced that Jefferies LLC will use its cloud-based Regulatory Reporting Hub and intelligent data automation platform for FINRA TRACE reporting. The...
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FINRA Pushing Ahead on CAT, Rule Review: CEO Cook

At FINRA’s annual conference, execs discussed which rules are being reviewed and gave an update on exam consolidation. There’s “still a lot more to come” in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s top-to-bottom review via its FINRA360 initiative, Robert Cook, the broker-dealer self-regulator’s CEO, said Wednesday. “It’s doing great; we’ve got a lot of accomplishments under...
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Finra rogue broker rule would affect 61 firms

Additional obligations would be imposed on these firms such as requiring them to create reserve accounts to pay unpaid arbitration awards As part of its crackdown on rogue brokers, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. has identified 61 firms that would face restrictions under a newly proposed Finra rule. Finra currently has a little more...
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Finding a FIX for electronic FINRA TRACE reporting as the CTCI cut-off looms

The capital markets regulatory environment can seem as volatile as everyday trading conditions. Even regulatory reporting vehicles can’t be counted on to remain constant. From February next year, the legacy CTCI tool commonly used for electronic FINRA TRACE and ORF reporting will no longer be supported. If you handle your own submissions, you’ll need to...
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FINRA Files to Allow TRACE to Be Corporate Bond Hub

If the SEC approves, TRACE will become a centralized source of comprehensive and timely information about new issues. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority filed Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission a proposal to expand its collection and dissemination of new-issue reference data for corporate bonds. The proposal calls for FINRA’s Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine, or TRACE, to...
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UBS’s £28m FCA fine for reporting failures is a wake-up call

The eye-watering penalty, incurred through failings with 136 million transaction reports over a 10-year period, are a sobering call to investment banks to bring data management and reporting under tighter control The news that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined UBS AG an eye-watering £27.6m for transaction report failings over a 10-year-period will be...
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ATS Reporting of Transactions in U.S. Treasury Securities

FINRA News – 18-34 SEC Approves Amendment to Require Alternative Trading Systems to Identify Non-FINRA Member Subscribers in TRACE Reports for U.S. Treasury Securities Summary Effective April 1, 2019, large alternative trading systems (ATSs) will be required to identify non-FINRA member subscriber counterparties in TRACE reports for transactions in U.S. Treasury securities using FINRA-assigned market...
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LiquidityEdge uses Inforalgo for market transparency obligations reporting

London, 12 September 2018 – Inforalgo, the leading provider of straight-through-processing and trading system integration to the Capital Markets industry, today announced the successful implementation of their Regulatory Reporting Hub (RRH) for US Treasury reporting at LiquidityEdge. Established as an alternative trading venue for US Treasuries, Liquidity Edge provides a bespoke trading ecosystem that connects...
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