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Buy vs Build: The Data Integration Challenge Facing ECNs & Trading Institutions

What’s in this whitepaper?

Based on 18 telephone interviews with some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions, including 15 investment banks and 3 trading-venue providers, this whitepaper covers:

  • Exploring ECN and client goals
  • Identifying the top data integration challenges
  • Increasing speed-to-market and driving down costs
  • Buy versus build?
  • Data connectivity options and solutions

Worldwide trading has been reformed by advances in electronic finance and financial technology. Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) first entered the market in the mid-90s, providing faster trade executions and lower costs than traditional market centres. However, the current regulatory reform climate and the ever-growing technological landscape demand that ECNs must remain transparent and efficient to allow continued success

Traders rely on ECNs’ platforms and products, such as Bloomberg TOMS and Blooberg AIM. Therefore, it is vital that traders use the correct data integration solution. Data harmonisation is a multifaceted subject in desperate need of simplification before it can provide the best service. This paper uses industry research to argue that simple processing and complete system interoperability permits both ECNs and their customers to focus on their core business of making money.

Exploring the relationship between ECNs and their clients, as well as identifying mutual problems and desires, this paper contains data from some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions. It goes on to analyse a recent study conducted by Inforalgo and recommends how ECNs can continue their success and ensure that they provide friction-free and simple trading.