FINRA TRACE Moving from existing FIX automation to Inforalgo RegSTP

Many things can go wrong with regulatory reporting. And when you are faced with a 15-minute window to extract and deliver accurate data those problems are magnified. Inforalgo has been connecting and managing data on behalf of its clients for over 25 years. If you are looking to improve on your current set-up, we offer a robust, proven solution that keep working 24×7 and which offer significant benefits over building a home-grown solution.


Real Time (15-minute Corporate Bond Reporting supported)

Matching and Reconciliation (Alleges supported)

Reference Data

TRACE-Eligibility and Determination Rules

Granular control of business logic

Visual UI for Control and Monitoring

Developing custom built integrations without the experience and support of a seasoned independent software vendor puts the in-house team at a distinct disadvantage and inevitably, it’s only once the testing begins, or the system has gone live that bugs are found, reporting violations happen or functionality isn’t available.

You can’t underestimate the time or cost of internal development. No matter how large your in-house development team, there is inevitably a tension between the available resource and the demands of the business on that resource, making it difficult to secure it in the first place and often impossible to guarantee for the lifetime of the entire project.

It’s not just resourcing the initial design, build, test and implementation that needs to be taken into account either. Ongoing support and maintenance in response to notices from a regulator of changes to market transparency rules also need to be accounted for in the ongoing maintenance of the solution.

Development resources are often needed for strategic or revenue generating parts of the business and whilst reporting is important, it doesn’t necessarily offer value which means compliance and operations teams are stuck with a solution that still requires a lot of manual maintenance.